We are a team of local professionals who have come together to create an independent, full service boutique creative/media/communications firm. We are passionate about working with businesses to develop brand recognition, drive growth and form and direct strategic partnerships. We want to help you spend your marketing dollars – and time – wisely, because we know you have more important things to do.

  • Growth Strategists
  • Developers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Copywriters
  • Creative + Conversion Rate Optimization
The staff of DeLude Communications is a team of local professionals specializing in growing your business through our experience in graphic design, copywriting, business planning, development strategy and more.


A man and woman from DeLude's team work directly with small business owners to develop marketing strategies and incentives to grow your business



N Brand Development

Let us help you stand out from your competition, identify your brand, and create lasting relationships with loyal customers.

N Lead Generation

We’ll work with you to identify your ideal customer, reach prospects, and move them through the sales funnel so they convert to customers.

N Campaign Development

We formulate creative, strategic campaigns with consistent brand messaging, driving engagement and new business.

N Media Planning + Buying

Our team will create a robust plan for your business that will achieve your goals while staying within your budget. 

N Google Ads

We’re professionals at optimizing content to maximize search results; we utilize targeted, paid search campaigns based on keywords and budget to generate leads for your business.

N Programmatic Marketing

We’re ready and waiting to serve up targeted, effective digital campaigns for your business that will reach consumers at the right time, and at the right cost for you.

N Social Media

We’ll help you build your brand on social media platforms, increase your sales, and engage your audience.

N Integrated Marketing

It can be hard to keep track of everything sometimes. We’ll make sure your messaging is consistent across all platforms, all the time.

N Influencer Marketing

We’ll connect and collaborate with the right people (and their audience) to increase your brand exposure.

N Analytics

Data’s tricky, and when there’s a lot of it, it can be difficult to know what’s important. Let us sort through the masses and give you what you need to make sound business decisions.

N Websites

Our team of developers offer professional website design and specializes in close client relationships, user experience, and advanced technology to give you the website of your dreams.

N Graphic Design

We build visual components for organizations that connect and engage with your audience while making sure your brand’s personality shines through.

N Video Production

An essential component for any business. From scripts to shots and everything in between, we’ll help you create a marketing piece that will put your business in the best light.

N Public Relations

The public’s perception of your business is important, don’t waste the benefits of earned media. Increase awareness and create a positive reputation utilizing a thoughtful PR strategy.

N Crisis Management

Prepare for a crisis that may jeopardize your business’s reputation, and prevent or lessen the damage a crisis can impose on your organization.

N Content Development

Increase your brand visibility, engagement, and customer loyalty through quality content pieces created specifically for your business.


Shawn DeLude, owner and President of DeLude Communications

Shawn DeLude


Specializing in strategic partnerships, business development and thought leadership, Shawn’s passions lie in entrepreneurship and spending time outdoors.

Kara Boulé, Chief Operating Officer of DeLude Communications, is an experienced, results-oriented marketer skilled in lead generation, content strategy and community engagement

Kara Boulé


A creative thinker skilled in lead generation, content strategy and community engagement, Kara loves working with businesses to achieve their goals, driving growth and customer engagement.

Dan Kellogg, Chief Financial Officer of DeLude Communications

Dan Kellogg


Dan brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his clients, helping them navigate complex financial challenges and achieve their business objectives.

Tyler Rost, Account Manager at DeLude Communications, and his dog Trident

Tyler Rost

Account Manager

Tyler’s ability to transform concepts into visual masterpieces add a compelling layer of storytelling that resonates with authenticity and impact. 

Mackenzie Blue, Account Manager at DeLude Communications

Mackenzie Blue

Account Manager

A passionate storyteller, strategic creator and thoughtful writer are just a few of the titles Mackenzie has earned throughout her career. 

Meagen Colon, Account Manager at DeLude Communications

Meagen Colon

Account Manager

Meagen’s design skills and ability to craft stories through brand implementation and content generation create strong visual impact for brands across multiple platforms. 

Kelsey Dutton, Content Creator at DeLude Communications

Kelsey Dutton

Account Manager

Kelsey’s experience both in front of, and behind, the camera has provided her with opportunities to create innovative content with large brands across the globe. 


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